How should I act during my divorce?
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How should I act during my divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce is an emotionally difficult and mentally challenging experience, especially if you were not expecting it.

One of the reasons that divorce is so hard is that you must make decisions on major topics, such as finances, and children, while you are emotionally fragile. Feelings such as anxiety, anger and sadness are common.

Find a healthy environment to express your emotions

You should not hide or downplay these emotions, as they are a legitimate reaction to a negative event such as a divorce. However, finding healthy outlets to process them will help you make better divorce decisions.

Consider talking to a counselor or therapist. This will provide you with a confidential setting to talk about how the divorce is making you feel.

Be cordial and respectful to your spouse, no matter how hard this may be. Communicate openly and do not avoid the difficult conversations that come along with divorce. Ignoring the situation will only make things worse and cost both of you more time and money.

Take a social media break

It may be difficult, but it is best to stay off social media during your divorce. One of the attractive parts of social media is it gives us a simple, instant way to express whatever we’re feeling in any given moment.

Spouses often use social media posts against one another in contentious divorce and custody battles. Posts can easily be taken out of context or reflect a moment of anger that quickly passed. This is why it is best to avoid posting, at least until your divorce is over.

Consider alternative forms of resolution

As for the divorce itself, do not think of it as a fight. Many Georgia divorces today are resolved through mediation, rather than litigation.

Mediation involves a meeting, or series of meetings, between you, your spouse and a mediator, who acts as a neutral party. The mediator encourages open and honest discussion and does not take sides, but rather guides both of you to potential solutions. It is something to consider as your divorce gets underway.