What should be included in my parenting agreement?
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What should be included in my parenting agreement?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Child Custody |

Many Georgia couples with children try to stay together to provide a stable family life for the child. However, if you are not getting along with your partner, separating from them may be better for you and your children.

If you have decided to break up with your child’s other parent, one of your main concerns may be how to make sure your child is not negatively impacted by the separation in any way. While there is no way to guarantee that a child will not suffer in the divorce, there are ways to make things easier for them.

One way to make things easier is to make sure that your parenting agreement serves the best interests of your child. Generally, unless your ex was neglectful, abusive, or otherwise unable to care for the child, it is better if both of you maintain a strong relationship with your child post-separation. Your child custody agreement should include:

  • Scheduling: A schedule accounts for time the child spends with both parents. While the time spent with each parent does not have to be equal, both parents should be actively involved in raising the child.
  • Decision-making: Address who will make decisions when it comes to the child.
  • Transportation: Address how and when then child will go from one parent’s home to the other parent’s home.
  • Conflict resolution: Even with a thorough, well-thought-out parenting plan, there is a good chance that a disagreement will arise between you and your ex. For example, you may want an additional day with your child that was not included in the agreement and your ex may disagree. Your parenting agreement should address how you and your ex will handle these conflicts when they arise.

Drafting a parenting plan is challenging, even for parents that get along amicably. A family law attorney or other professional can help you negotiate with your ex to come up with a plan that ensures that your child gets what they need.