Ways to make your divorce worse
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Ways to make your divorce worse

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2022 | Firm News |

Ending a marriage may be difficult. But some mistakes may make it worse and impose self-inflicted harm on your case.

Going to war

Treating divorce as a personal battle and means of seeking vengeance is one of the things to avoid. This process must be treated, as much as possible, as an impersonal business transaction where you seek a fair and reasonable resolution.

Keeping communications open with your spouse can also help settlement negotiations or mediation. You should also speak with your spouse on issues such as your children’s welfare.

Being untruthful about money, property, debts or most anything else can harm your case. It is also illegal and may subject you to a contempt of court charge. Dishonesty distracts you from paying attention to more important issues such as child custody.


 Your children are not your attorney, counselor, or consoling friend. Most of all, they are not a way to aggravate your spouse or seek concessions.

Do not speak negatively about your spouse or discuss legal strategies with your children. Children have their own issues that need addressing during divorce and turning them against your ex is wrong. Parents should concentrate on what is in their children’s best interest.

Rushing to trial

 Seeking resolution in mediation or settlement discussions is less stressful and costly than engaging in a court proceeding, even on complicated matters such as custody or a high asset divorce. Mediation is not an option if there was abuse.

Social media

 You may regret it later if you posted details about your divorce online and speak negatively about your spouse. Expenditures of money on new relationships, purchases or vacations can harm your position in support matters.

Posts may be used as evidence against you. Additionally, negative posts can harm your relationships with friends and family and your children’s relationships with their parents.

Joint accounts

 Divorce is a time for financial independence, or you may be liable for your spouse’s debt, lose your assets and have financial problems after divorce. Separate your accounts and set up your own bank account.

New relationships

 Processing this situation and addressing your needs is required. A new relationship may be premature and may complicate matters.


 Your divorce has its own unique issues. Your common sense, intuition, and knowledge should underlie your decisions. Do not rely on the experiences of your relatives and friends or celebrities.

Many people will also offer advice regardless of whether they understand your situation or the law. Be prepared to discount it.

Attorneys, however, can offer advice based upon your situation, knowledge, and experience. They can assist your with seeking a fair and reasonable decree.