Can I get alimony during my divorce?
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Can I get alimony during my divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2022 | Divorce |

Alimony is a somewhat controversial topic, and it can lead to bitter disputes in many divorces and lingering resentment afterward. However, alimony can also be absolutely necessary in many cases to help one divorcing spouse make ends meet while they are preparing for the next step in their lives. In many cases, Georgia courts find that alimony is necessary to avoid injustice.

Factors courts use to determine alimony in Georgia

Georgia courts evaluate requests and determine alimony amounts by considering a number of factors. These start with the standard of living the couple enjoyed during the marriage. The idea here is to allow both parties to retain a standard of living after the marriage that is as close as possible to the standard enjoyed during the marriage.

Next, the court considers the duration of the marriage. A court is more likely to award alimony after marriages of long duration.

Courts also consider the physical and emotional conditions of both spouses, their ages and their financial resources. Courts consider their estates, their earning capacities and their liabilities.

Also under consideration are the contributions of each spouse to the marriage. This includes homemaking, child care, assistance with the other spouse’s career and education and more.

Time to bridge the gap

Alimony is especially common in cases where one spouse gave up education or a career in order to take care of the home and children during the marriage while the other pursued a career. In these cases, the working spouse can continue earning a living while the stay-at-home spouse will have to rejoin the workforce from a disadvantaged position. In these cases, courts consider the time it would take for either spouse to acquire the education or training necessary to gain appropriate employment.

Ultimately, a family law court will take into consideration any relevant factors in making its decision.