How can amicable divorcees make divorce easier?
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How can amicable divorcees make divorce easier?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2022 | Divorce |

Couples go through a lot of upheaval in the divorce process, but the ones who go through the most upheaval are the divorcing couple’s children. This is why many couples, especially those going through an amicable divorce, are looking for ways to make the divorce easier on both themselves and their children.

One option, nesting

Nesting (also called, birdnesting) has gained popularity over the last half-decade or so. Essentially, when divorcing parents decide to nest, they keep the family home. The parents, of course, do not normally stay together in the home. Instead, their children stay put, and the parents move in and out according to the Lawrenceville, Georgia, parenting plan and child custody order.

Life for the child

For the children, life remains pretty similar during the divorce and postdivorce to what it was predivorce. They sleep in their own bed. They attend the same school. They hang out with their neighborhood friends. Really, life is the same for them, except that they only see one parent at a time.

That can be a shock, but, even for those divorcing parents who choose to only nest for a few months, this transition phase can help children ease into their new reality without the normal divorce shock and upheaval. And, with counseling, divorcing couples are commonly finding that the entire family is better off after nesting.

Life for the parents

Georgia divorce upends the parents’ lives as well, but for the nesting parents, the nest can be a good transition phase as well. Psychologically, it allows them to concentrate on their children during the nesting, and then, when they are not nesting, worry about creating their new life.

Plus, from a practical perspective, if the parents share one off-site property or can work out a way to cohabitate on the property itself, they can save a lot of money. This is because they avoid the initial costs associated with buying everything for a new place, including doubling up on their kids’ needed gear.

Not a perfect solution

For couples who can still be friends and trust each other, nesting can be a good way to make the divorce process much easier on everything and cheaper for both parents. However, it is not a long-term solution, and it really is only for the most amicable divorcing parents. This is why it is not a perfect solution for all Lawrenceville, Georgia, divorcing parents.