When can a child support order be modified?
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When can a child support order be modified?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2021 | Post-Divorce Modifications |

Relief often accompanies the end of a divorce process. When an individual emerges from their litigated divorce with a final divorce order that outlines all aspects of their remaining relationship with their ex, they may feel as though they can finally move forward with their life. However, many Georgia residents discover in the months and years following their divorces that some aspects of their final orders may no longer serve their needs.

For example, matters related to children often need to be modified over time because the needs and interests of the kids affected by the orders also change. This post will address modifications for child support that are needed following the issuance of final divorce orders. This post does not provide any specific legal advice. Individuals with post-divorce modification questions can direct their inquiries to family attorneys who work in their communities.

Circumstances that lead to post-divorce support modifications

Courts generally will not change divorce orders simply because the parties want them altered. There must be a reason for a divorce order to be changed after it has been issued. In the case of a child support order, there must be a change in the circumstances of the parties that warrants the court to take action and modify the existing support order.

There are many different reasons that modifications may be necessary for child support. One common reason that parents cite as they seek to alter child support payments is the loss of their jobs. When a parent no longer has income, they may not be able to keep up with their child support obligation. Losses of income through unemployment or demotions may be sufficient changes to necessitate modifications to child support orders.

Changes in the lives of children can also lead to the need to modify child support orders. When children require more support due to their educational or medical needs, their parents may need to alter the balance of financial support each provides to them. Readers can speak with their family law attorneys about their circumstances and whether they may be sufficient to warrant requests to modify their child support orders.

Preparing for the modification process

Parents can prepare themselves for the modification process by working with their attorneys to better understand their rights and options. They may be able to work with their exes to secure agreements regarding the modification of their existing orders. If necessary, they may need to appear in court to fight for their needs. In all circumstances, parents can benefit from the guidance and knowledge of trusted family law attorneys to support them as they work to modify their divorce orders.