How can social media affect my divorce?
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How can social media affect my divorce?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2021 | Divorce |

A lot of people use their social media accounts to vent their frustration or ask for advice. While many do not think twice before posting something online, a Georgia resident about to divorce or in the middle of divorce proceedings may want to be mindful about their online presence. Statements and pictures posted online can become evidence in a divorce and have a significant impact on the family law decisions made.

What is admissible in court?

Emails and text messages are admissible in court. This means that private conversations where things have been revealed that were not disclosed during the proceedings can be introduced in court. Information about a bonus, promotion, or an affair could be used in court to show one party is not making honest declarations.

Financial success can also be shown through social media posts. If someone is posting pictures about one’s vacation or new purchases, but also claiming they are unable to make alimony payments or child support payments, this information can be used to demonstrate that party is not being honest.

Child custody can be endangered

When people check into a location on social media or post pictures of their nights out partying, they are letting the whole world know where they are and what they are doing. Depending on the type of posts, this can affect child custody decisions. For example, if a parent is drunk or playing video games when they are supposed to be watching children, the judge might make harsh rulings relating to child support and custody.

While many may be tempted to delete their online presence during divorce proceedings, this is not the best way to proceed. Since social media becomes evidence, deleting one’s presence could amount to destruction of evidence. Those who want to know how to manage their social media accounts and how posts can affect their divorce may want to consult an experienced attorney.