What are some tips for a happy marriage?
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What are some tips for a happy marriage?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2021 | Divorce |

For those that have found marriage bliss during the past year, bravo and congratulations. However, for those couples who have found themselves struggling, we have some tips for helping build, create or maintain a happy marriage.

Have an honest talk about finances

It likely comes as no surprise that one of the most cited reasons for divorce is money, but this can be avoided by having an honest talk about finances. Perhaps, one is hiding a shopping addiction, or maybe they brought more credit card debt into the marriage than previously disclosed. These things can be trust destroyers, but if one comes clean, the couple, together, can work it out and figure out how to move on.

There is no stigma or shame in counseling

Perhaps, the best advice any married couple can receive is to seek marriage counseling before seeking divorce. Remember, at one point in one’s life, their spouse was the most important person in the world to them. Couples have spent years building a life together, and offering that relationship one last lifeline is worthwhile and important. Indeed, the stigma and shame once associated with therapy and counseling has long since disappeared, especially in the last year. Through this professional help, couples can learn how to reconnect, communicate and just have an independent third-party to help mitigate issues.

Do not just list, actively listen

When one’s spouse speak, do not just wait for a turn to speak. Do not spend one’s time listening to just figure out a counter argument. Instead, stop, and actively listen. This means reflecting the speaker’s words back to them, acknowledging them and summarizing one’s understanding of what was said. Not only will this ensure that the listener better understands what their spouse is saying, but also ensures that the speaker feels validated, which is key to maintaining a fulfilling and healthy relationship.

The last resort

After Lawrenceville, Georgia, couples have tried to save their marriage, it may be time to start talking about divorce. The first call should be to a divorce attorney. This call can walk both parties through the process to figure out if it is truly what both parties want. If so, the attorney can then get the ball rolling.