Can a child custody agreement be modified?
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Can a child custody agreement be modified?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Child Custody |

For Georgia parents who have parted ways as a couple, child custody issues may still come up. As life changes occur, there might be a request to modify a child custody agreement. Since dealing with children is one of the most challenging aspects of family law, it is beneficial to be fully prepared.

Understanding when a child custody agreement can be changed

There are certain requirements to modify a child custody agreement. In any case, the child’s best interests take precedence. If a parent asks for a modification, the court may be reluctant to agree to the change if the child is thriving in the current situation. Still, if the request is made for a valid reason, the court will assess and consider it. The child being in potential danger is a common reason for a modification. A more urgent reason for a modification is if there is violence, the threat of violence, immediate danger or a child who is unwilling to stay in the home.

Parents may want to move to another area. That could be for a job, to be closer to family members or to benefit the child’s future. The court will decide whether this is allowable based on the motivation, how parenting time will be addressed, how it impacts the child and if both parents are amenable to a change. Disputes between the parents could warrant a modification. An example could be one parent failing to adhere to the visitation agreement. If the relationship is contentious, then the court may need to intervene. Some parents can negotiate and come to a solution on their own or with professional guidance.

Having help for child custody modifications may be essential

As hard as family legal disputes can be, it does not necessarily need to be complicated. Some cases can be handled through mediation and finding common ground. Others are more complex. With child custody, the safety and security of the child is paramount. Before allowing emotions and worries to make the circumstances more personally wrenching, it is wise to have assistance from the start.