Spike in divorce filings coincides with ongoing health concerns
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Spike in divorce filings coincides with ongoing health concerns

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2020 | Divorce |

Divorce can happen in Georgia for many reasons and often, the catalyst is circumstantial. Perhaps a couple has grown apart after they have been married for a few years. Their personalities might no longer be compatible. Or they may have gotten married too quickly before they realized what they wanted out of life and a relationship. In some instances, people who are accustomed to living a certain way are unable to adapt to changes in their environment. That has been referenced with the recent rise in divorce cases during the ongoing health crisis and there has been a statistical increase in divorce filings.

Divorce filings spiking and are far ahead of normal for the holidays

According to those in the industry, there has been a noticeable rise in divorce filing going back to the early summer. Reports of motions and court appearances – done virtually – have been prevalent. Most note that people tend to get through the holidays before moving forward with their divorce after the start of the new year. In 2020, that has changed. A survey from July said that paperwork related to divorce agreements has increased by more than one-third vs. 2019. This is a signal that people are deciding to divorce more frequently.

Other factors have been notable including web-based research into search engine activity. Terms related to divorce and filing for one rose by 22%. Questions about filing online increased by almost 96%. While part of the early filing might be due to the backlog created by the health challenges, the increase is also thought to be because people were suddenly forced to spend more time together and realized that they were not happy in their relationship and did not know it because they were too busy with work, caring for children and other everyday considerations.

When thinking about divorce, legal assistance can be essential

Regardless of the reason, those who are considering ending their marriage should understand the importance of legal advice. Finances could be worrisome, child custody and support might be fundamental factors, property division could be in dispute, and there could be alimony and spousal support disagreements. Consulting with a firm that is experienced in family law and divorce can provide information on any aspect of a case. Calling for advice and representation is a wise first step.