Dealing with matters related to visitation pick-ups and drop-offs
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Dealing with matters related to visitation pick-ups and drop-offs

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2020 | Child Custody |

Custody issues may become a contentious aspect of divorce proceedings. Other times, the spouses may be more agreeable to custody, support and visitation issues. No matter how the case plays out in Georgia family court, visitation days should come with structure. No one should feel confused about how visitation works. Proper planning for visitation days could avoid some problems.

Who does the pick-up and who does the drop-off? What are the specific locations? Making assumptions may not prove helpful. One spouse could agree to both pick-up and drop-off the child at the ex-spouse’s home. As long as both parties are on the same page, then the chances for missed pick-ups or drop-offs might not occur.

Parents should always look out for the safety of the child. For example, ex-spouses should make sure both parents drive a safe car with child safety seats if necessary.

Issues surrounding costs may need to be worked out as well. One parent may not be physically able to pick up the child, so the other parent becomes required to do the drop-off. If so, is the parent handling the driving then entitled to gas and other cost reimbursements? Perhaps this is a question that requires an answer in court.

Spouses involved in a difficult divorce may require court and local government involvement to protect the child. Bringing the child to a neutral drop-off location might be necessary. Courts, police departments, social services offices and other trusted authorities may be able to assist with selecting a safe, neutral location.

Addressing issues with visitation rights might need to be argued in a family law court. Clients may discuss issues about visitation with their attorneys and ask how to proceed.