Things not to do during divorce
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Things not to do during divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2020 | Divorce |

Georgia residents can harm their divorce case by the way that they act out of court during the process. Many unforced errors can alienate a family court judge and might make it more difficult for one parent to prevail. In some cases, the court could even take action against them. Here are some things not to do during a divorce.


One of the worst offenses that a parent is guilty of is acting unilaterally with respect to the children in a way that keeps them from the other parent. This includes moving the children away from their other parent or hiding them. Courts expect that both parents will have access to the children while the divorce process is proceeding. These types of actions should only be taken with the permission of the judge.


Another class of offenses involves actions affecting the marital estate. Spouses cannot spend or waste marital assets while they are in the process of being divided. They may also not destroy property simply to keep it from the other spouse. To the extent that the court has issued a ruling, the spouse must obey it or else face the wrath of the judge. They must also not harass the other spouse during or after the divorce. Any one of the above actions will reflect poorly on the person doing them and can harm their legal case.


Those who are on the receiving end of any one of these behaviors must take legal action immediately to bring them to a stop. A divorce attorney could help their client bring these matters in front of a judge in an emergency court filing to put a stop to these immediately. They might also seek to file contempt of court charges or modify a custody agreement as a result of the misbehavior.