How social media may factor into a Georgia divorce
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How social media may factor into a Georgia divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2020 | Divorce |

In a world where families live great distances apart and individuals may move across oceans for work and for love, it can be hard for loved ones to stay connected. However, the advent of social media has helped millions of people span the physical gaps between them with digital bridges such as Facebook and Instagram. Social media platforms allow individuals to create their own accounts through which they can choose to share, pictures, information, and other data.

Users of social media should know, however, that sometimes the content with which their accounts are associated can be damaging to their reputations and relationships. For example, Facebook allows users to “tag” others in pictures and comments, which then may result in that content appearing on the pages of those who were tagged. Images of individuals engaged in reckless or embarrassing activities can impact their marriages, their parenting, and other aspects of their lives.

Like phone, email, and financial accounts, social media accounts can be investigated through the discovery process of divorce. The content that a person puts online may become evidence in their divorce and used against them by their ex-spouse in order to sway legal outcomes related to support, property division, and even child custody. It is therefore imperative that individuals understand the impact that social media may have on their legal proceedings if their marriages result in divorce.

Social media is often used as a fun tool for people to stay connected with friends, family members, and like-minded community members. It can, though, become a contentious part of legal proceedings when its contents are pulled into divorces. Individuals with questions about social media and divorce should consult with their attorneys as this post contains no legal advice.