A child support modification can help during financial hardships
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A child support modification can help during financial hardships

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2020 | Child Support |

Missing several days of work, getting laid off or losing your job can be incredibly stressful experiences, especially if you don’t have enough savings to cover your costs in the interim. The more financial obligations you have to others, the more hardship you could face when your income decreases unexpectedly. 

As a parent, you very likely have legal obligations to your children that probably include child support, which can be very worrisome if you are suddenly without income or living on much less than you are accustomed to doing. If you don’t pay your support in favor of other bills, you could be in a precarious legal position. 

The state could take enforcement action against you, particularly if your ex is not understanding about the circumstances or if your children require some kind of state benefits because you aren’t paying your ordered support. Asking the courts to modify your child support order and reduce how much you pay can help protect you.

A modification will reduce your future obligations

Generally speaking, the Georgia family courts attempt to review child support orders occasionally to determine that they are still reasonable and fair. However, circumstances in your life can change unexpectedly, meaning that you may need the courts to review your support amount sooner rather than later. 

The longer you wait to request a modification, the more support you will have to pay in the meantime. Modifications typically do not address any support you haven’t paid that is past due. However, they can reduce your future obligations and make it easier for you to balance your budget. If you don’t request modification when your income goes down, you could find yourself in arrears and facing enforcement action.