Can you ask a court to give you a portion of hidden assets?
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Can you ask a court to give you a portion of hidden assets?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2020 | Divorce |

As you go through divorce, there might be little things that worry you, like a missing asset or an unusual action by your estranged spouse. Most of the time, you might ignore those issues thinking that they’re nothing serious.

If you later find that assets were being hidden from you, were sold without your knowledge or even that your ex-spouse hid an income during divorce, then you might want to consider going back to court for a modification.

Normally, property division arrangements in a divorce decree won’t be able to be changed. It’s usually noted that both parties either agreed to the settlement or had a judge rule on it. However, there are rare cases, like those with hidden assets, where an ex-spouse may take the other back to court and ask the judge to give them a fair share of the assets that were withheld. Concealing assets is against the law, and if your ex-spouse is caught, then they can face serious penalties.

What can you do to prevent issues with hidden assets following a divorce?

One good option you may want to consider during the divorce process is hiring a forensic accountant and working closely with your attorney to identify assets that may be missing or hidden away. Both of these professionals are familiar with the normal assets that come up during a divorce. Forensic accountants are able to look through financial documents and see when things don’t add up. If, in the end, you do find hidden assets, then you may be able to return to court to ask for your share.