Has there been a sudden and/or substantial change in circumstance since your divorce — a lost job, reduced wages, serious injury or illness, or military transfer — that has caused you to seek a modification to your Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce or previous Order?

If so, whether your goal is to request or contest a revision of support and custody obligations, The Law Office of Lynn H. Sturges in Lawrenceville can help.

Lynn H. Sturges is a divorce and family law attorney you can trust — and has been for clients from all walks of life in Gwinnett County and surrounding areas for more than 20 years.

Changes at your job such as a demotion, downsizing or the bankruptcy of your employer may warrant an adjustment to alimony and child support responsibilities. Remarriage or the need to seek employment or specialized health care outside Georgia could qualify as reasons to revise custody and visitation commitments.

Conversely, if obligations in your previous Order are going unfulfilled — overlooked support payments and missed parenting time being prime examples — The Law Office of Lynn H. Sturges can assist with a contempt order or enforcement that compels parties to cooperate.

Lynn H. Sturges shows clients the way to divorce with dignity and compassion. That same commitment extends to your life after divorce as well.

A Family Law Attorney You Can Trust With Changes To Your Final Divorce Order or Settlement Agreement

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