Whether you are an unwed father seeking to establish parental rights or an unwed mother suing to receive child support, one Gwinnett family law firm works hard to resolve your matter and return your life to normal.

The Lawrenceville family law attorney to trust with any legitimation or paternity legal issue can be found at The Law Office of Lynn H. Sturges.

Our skilled Georgia paternity lawyer protects your rights for all the ways that a legitimation or paternity case can work against you. Lynn H. Sturges has more than 20 years of experience with skillfully assisting people just like you.

Our law firm's founder listens closely as you describe your legal issue, arms you with the facts you need for sound decisions and stays available to you and your loved ones throughout the legal process, to address all questions and concerns as they arise.

The Law Office of Lynn H. Sturges is here to help you when any of these legitimation and paternity-related situations arise in your life:

  • A mother of a child files an action against the child's alleged biological father to collect child support.
  • The mother also files charges against him for nonsupport.
  • A father wants to legitimate his child and obtain visitation, or even obtain custody of the child.
  • A boyfriend or estranged husband contests allegations that he is the father of a child.

Lynn H. Sturges excels at researching your issue, preparing your case, presenting it in court if necessary and generally tailoring her representation to suit your specific, unique need. When your work together concludes, you will know that your interests have been safeguarded.

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