Grandparents' Rights

Are you a grandparent who wants to assume custody, exercise visitation rights or adopt a grandchild whose parents are failing him or her in any number of ways?

When a parent avoids taking responsibility for illegal behavior, neglects a child or abandons a son or daughter, grandparents should be able to fight for what's right — and an experienced family law attorney can fight right alongside them.

Our Lawrenceville grandparent custody, visitation and adoption lawyer can guide you through the legal process in ways that advance your goals and strengthen your confidence. We are The Law Office of Lynn H. Sturges, serving divorce and family law clients from all walks of life in Gwinnett County for more than 20 years.

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The Law Office Of Lynn H. Sturges — Family Law And Grandparent Adoption Attorneys You Can Trust

Our client-focused Georgia family law firm frequently handles cases involving:

  • Deceased parent of a grandchild
  • Divorce or separation of a grandchild's parents
  • Grandchildren whose parents have substance abuse issues
  • Grandchild or grandchildren living with grandparent(s)

The state of Georgia recognizes that the relationship with a grandparent is important to a child. Grandparents have the right to seek visitation when it is otherwise unavailable to them. This may occur when one parent is deceased or does not get visitation with the children.

Grandparents may file a separate action against the custodial parent to seek visitation rights with their grandchildren. However, the state legislature has rewritten the grandparent visitation statute to eliminate the right of a grandparent to intervene when the grandchild is living with both biological parents in an intact family.

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