High Net Worth Divorce

If ownership of significant assets and property is at stake during your contested divorce in Lawrenceville, or differences over calculations of spousal support are delaying the positive outcome you need, you and your children could benefit from the skillful assistance of an experienced divorce attorney who aggressively protects your rights.

As your high-asset divorce lawyer, Lynn H. Sturges leads a law office that listens to you — and executes your high-asset divorce with dignity and compassion. She knows the challenges you face, in and out of court: tense child custody battles, the need to respect "the best interests of the child" and the goal of making a serene post-divorce future your reality.

The Law Office of Lynn H. Sturges is composed of lawyers you can trust — from start to finish of the legal process, and beyond if a modification or enforcement is necessary. Contact us to arrange your initial consultation and discuss your legal issues in detail and in confidence.

Experienced Lawrenceville, Georgia, Law Attorneys Who Protect Your Rights And Marital Assets During High Net Worth Divorce

Lynn H. Sturges has years of experience, broad knowledge of family law and a tradition of attentive personal service that gets results when marital assets in a high-asset divorce include real estate of all kinds, businesses, motor vehicles, retirement benefits, deferred income, stocks and stock options, bonds, bank accounts and anything else of value collected during a marriage.

Do you suspect that your spouse has been hiding assets in someone else's name or in an offshore account? The Law Office of Lynn H. Sturges can access the expertise of forensic accountants who get to the bottom of any deceptive practice carried on during a relationship or before a divorce.

Contact us. Your initial consultation can be arranged by phone at 678-235-9466 or by email. Our full-service divorce and family law firm welcomes the opportunity to help you any way we can.