Child Support

If you are a parent who feels you are receiving too little child support after your marriage has ended, or a divorced parent who thinks he/she is paying too much support, or if a child support dispute is holding up your Georgia divorce — we are a law office that listens to you ... a family law attorney you can trust.

We are The Law Office of Lynn H. Sturges in Lawrenceville.

Lynn H. Sturges has built a significant reputation for positive results in a wide range of practice areas, including child support, child custody and visitation and spousal support in her more than 20 years of practice.

Ms. Sturges can help you arrive at an accurate calculation of child support payments to be paid or received, based on income-based state guidelines. If a modification is in order, based on a substantial change of circumstance, Attorney Sturges can petition the court for a revision of obligations stated in a settlement agreement; she can assist in contesting a modification caused by an attempted parental relocation.

Are you ready to seek a contempt order to enforce support provisions in your settlement agreement? The Law Office of Lynn H. Sturges can go to court to compel a party to comply and pay support, or face the consequences.

Lynn H. Sturges also advocates for single mothers who need to establish child support, biological fathers who seek custody or visitation rights and/or need to establish child support obligations, and divorced spouses with problems paying regular support due to a lost job, serious injury or illness.

As a client of our full-service family law firm, you work directly with Ms. Sturges throughout the process. As your lawyer, she is never far from being able to address your next question in ways that give you confidence in her abilities — and the strength to move on with your life.

The Law Office Of Lynn H. Sturges — Child Support Enforcement Attorneys You Can Trust

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