When a contempt order and enforcement is necessary to ensure compliance with obligations stated in your divorce decree or divorce settlement agreement, you should speak with a Lawrenceville family law attorney you can trustThe Law Office of Lynn H. Sturges.

Lynn H. Sturges has more than 20 years of experience with skillfully assisting people just like you when a divorced spouse refuses to cooperate by paying regular child support or alimony, or abiding by agreed-upon custody and visitation obligations.

We are a full-service, knowledgeable family law firm that listens to you. Lynn H. Sturges then tailors her advocacy to fit your particular situation. Whether your disagreement with a former spouse can be resolved by negotiation or an appearance in court is necessary, our attorney is fully prepared to do whatever is needed to put this crisis behind you and return your life to normal.

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A divorced spouse has the right to file a motion for contempt when one party fails to satisfy the requirements established by a court order. The noncompliant party must return to court to defend the action, even if he or she has moved away or lost a job. Continued failure to comply could result in serious financial penalties such as wage garnishment or income deductions, and/or jail time.

When an ex-spouse or co-parent fails to pay child support or alimony, or live up to custody and visitation obligations, those dependent on that income and parenting time often suffer financially and emotionally. Fortunately, the court understands the importance of these decrees. Those who fail to fulfill responsibilities suffer serious consequences. Lynn H. Sturges works hard to level the playing field for you.

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